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Car Back Seat Cover for Pets

Protect your pet and your rear seats against hair, dirt, scratches...
If you have a car and a furry best friend, you know the downsides of road trips…
The safety of the animal and the cleanliness of the seats
For all these reasons, you will need a dog back seat cover
Available in two sizes of dog seat covers. (Suitable for SUV cars)

Standard (143 cm Width * 152 cm Length) 1.3 kg
X-large (153 cm wide x 162 cm long) 1.6 kg

1) 100% Waterproof, Full Protection.
Unique quilted protective cover for dog, rear dog seat.
Material: 600D Oxford with waterproof coating and TPU which is a new waterproof material can prevent your seats from getting stained or wet.
2) Visual window, front, made of premium quality mesh.
Provides your dog with better air circulation in summer and winter.
Allows the dog to see you and outside clearly through the window, which helps your dog reduce anxiety and stay calm while traveling.
3) Multifunctional configuration , easy to modify.
The dog hammock for car's convertible side flaps help your dog get in and out of the car easily, while preventing scratches on leather benches and doors.
The dog back seat cover is simple to convert, allowing you to share the back seat with your dog.
4) Safe travel , non-slip design ( ideal for leather seats ), Velcro opening for seat belt. To keep your dog safe, our dog back seat cover is held in place by four headrest straps, a non-slip backing, and two devices attached to the seat. Two openings can be inserted into the dog's seat belt.
5) Easy to Clean
Machine washable (use a gentle cycle).

The pack includes:
1 x dog back seat cover and 1 x dog seat belt
and 2 sliding door straps

- FREE delivery , shipped directly from the production plant
It's less inventory per city and per country, therefore less transport, and that's good for the planet and for your children.
- Delivery time 10 to 21 days max.